Bin Roye Ansoo 1st Look

Faraz April 10, 2015 0

Here it is ,The bin Roye Ansu trailer . Starring Mahirah Khan , Humayoon Saeed and Ameera Rana . written by Farhat Ishtiaq ,Directed By Haissem Hussain and (partly) by Shahzad Kashmiri . Produced by Momina Duraid .

It looks absolutely fantastic , capturing our interest as a trailer should . It is a rainbow of colours and seems to pull us in to a magical , romantic world that we can only dream of. We used to call Bollywood , dream merchants for the beautiful stories they once created , and this is firmly in that tradition but there is also a strong, modern ,Pakistani touch to it  . Farhat Ishtiaq’s wonderful story may well be the  movie we have been waiting for bringing Pakistani Cinema has come full circle, returning to the deeply human , emotional stories that made stars of Waheed Murad , Zeba and Mohammad Ali in its hey day. It has been a long journey but we might finally be able to justify the term “New Pakistani Cinema” . This is not male oriented slapstick where women and their bodies are just props,nor is it men with guns or bloodstained axes threatening each other , neither is it the the worthy social documentary funded by NGO’s to give us a lesson on how bad Pakistan is. This is entertainment with heart , the kind that lives in our memories .download (74)

(Haissem Hussain ,Mahirah Khan and Humayoon Saeed on set )

From the trailer alone the cinematography is amazing . The camera angles , the way the dance sequences have been shot is breathtaking . Although that in itself is a feat for an industry with limited resources and even less experience The way Haissem Hussain has managed to capture the emotional depth of this story in contrast to all the colors and lights is going to be the acid test for this venture . Mahirah Khan’s voice as Saba ….calling out “Irtiza'”  (Humayoon Saeed)……. seems to promise that are is a lot more to this story than just song and dance . Haissem Hussain’s  drama serials  (Dastan, AunnZara, Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan , and more)have always  been that rare combination of laughter , tears , joy and pure romance that make him one of our best directors, so I have high hopes of this film being more than just a technical success.  Full marks to Momina Duraid for this wonderful Production , it looks as if she is going to be the iconic producer who brought back Pakistani Cinema .Similarly I am sure Shahzad Kashmiris deft cinematography and editing will make this one to watch.

Personally I have not seen Humayoon Saeed look this good , this fresh in a ages . He looks every inch the hero . Mahirah Khan looks amazing : she is fire , she is ice holding our gaze like the fabulous actresses of times past  and never letting it go. Mahirah Khan has always had that star power and Humayoon Saeeds amazing presence on screen is undeniable The rest of the cast includes the beautiful  Armeena Rana , the ever lovely  Hina Bayat  Javed Shaikh and Junaid Khan. These are exciting times for Pakistani cinema with Ho Mann Hahan and  Poora Chand ( Mah e Meer ) coming soon . Tell us what you think .

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written by Sadaf 

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