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Sadaf H September 28, 2015 0
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Be forewarned: Jawani Phir nahi ani is the most scandalous and outrageous film to come out of Pakistani Cinema…

Lets get one thing straight , If you are looking for an intellectual and hatkay kind of a movie then I guess don’t watch Jawani Phir nahi Aani.. because Jawani Phir nahi Ani doesn’t promise all of that  However if you are looking for an all and all masala movie with a complete paisa vasool entertainment.. Don’t miss the ride and run to the theatre right now.

Jawani Phir nahi ani is the story of three men:

Saif  [Hamza Ali Abbasi ] – the stud married man .

Sheikh  [wasey Choudhry] — the married man.

Pipi  [Ahmed Ali butt] — the married bachelor’.

Who are living the bechargi ki life after they got married, All of 3 of them feel that their possessive and control freak wives have drained every single ounce of FUN from their life and they just want an escape. Enters Humyun  Saeed (Sherry) , the laywer who has a record of 99 Divorces and is looking for his 100thvictim.Humyun Somehow convinces the wives that he needs a treatment for his heart and for that, he needs his friends to come along. Little do they know that he is taking them for an all-boys trip to the sin capital of the world.. Bangkok.

What follows after is a roller coaster ride loaded with hilarious sequences and witty one liners.

In all honesty , JPNA doesn’t offer anything new in terms of Story, in fact you can recall elements of Indian movies Masti, Grand masti and No Entry when you watch the movie.The premise of JPNA is Entertainment entertainment and entertainment and does it succeed on that ? Yes it does but with few a hiccups.

A movie like JPNA is not something that can stand a chance in Bollywood why? Because this is not something new. There are loads of movies based on extra marital fun however let’s get one thing straight. IF Six Sigma movies had raised the bar high with Mein hoon Shahid Afridi. They have raised it a lot more higher with JPNA.

JPNA is different from Pakistani movies. You don’t expect Pakistani movies to be bold to such an extent but like I mentioned earlier JPNA has raised the bar in terms of capturing the screen beauty and pushing the envelope further. It has set a milestone in terms of razor sharp cinematography and high quality DOP

And credit must go to the entire production team of JPNA for having the guts to go all in to something that would have a 50 50 chance of survival and for that they need to be applauded, in fact it’s safe to say that they are trend setters .

The 1st half of the movie is sharp and tight. Right from the beginning till the interval you can’t help but laugh out loud #LOL like the way Suhai would say. However the entire movie starts following the Karan Johar / Yash chopra style in the 2nd half. The 2nd half seems heavily inspired from the kind of cinema Karan Johar is famous for. i.e artificial and over the top.In fact the 2nd half tends to drag and slows down the narrative build in the 1st half. The movie could have done better with at least trimming 30-40 mins.In fact there are few songs seemed forced straight into the screen play  and they only lengthens the narrative.

And now the performances. The real reason why JPNA works is because the extra ordinary chemistry between Hamza, Wasay and Ahmed ali butt, in fact the comic timings between all 3 of them is so great that every time they are on screen they make you forget everything else, Humyun Saeed does a wonderful job, Infact,his entry in the movie changes the entire pace of the movie. Yet he looks a bit old romancing Sohai Ali and Mehwish Hayat. Another actor perhaps Faysal Qureshi could have done a more convincing job.

However the real Star of the movie is Wasay Chaudhry’s Writing, In fact, it’s his witty one liners and sharp writing that brings the house down. Wasay Chaudhry is for sure evolving as a writer and with time he is only going to get better and better. His lines are very Pakistani, so Pakistani to the extent that each and every joke of his connects instantly with you. What a gifted writer!   If there is one reason why you should watch JPNA then Wasay it is!

Amongst the female lead its  mehwish hayat who leaves a strong mark. She can dance. Looks incredibly pretty as well as bring the entire star persona with her. Sohai Ali does a decent job , however her #jokes seems to get irritating after sometime. Amongst the 3 wives, Its Sarwat Gillani who seems to have flair for comedy. Aisha khan looks pretty and Uzma khan is hardly there.

Javed Sheikh and Ismail Tara does a commendable job. Watch out for ismail tara’s Arab sheikh Avator he is for sure going the bring the house down.

Bushra Ansari annoys to the core she needs to realize that she isn’t that good of an actor she thinks she is.

Although the film defies logic, Nadeem baig (the director) must be credited for holding things together for most part of the film. However JPNA could have done much better without couple of songs as well as the narrative could have been much tighter had he trimmed the movie by at least 40 minutes.

On The musical front, Khul Jaye bottle and Yeh Jawani phir nahi ani are the only 2 songs that one carries  home rest of the other songs are only fillers.

On the whole Jawani Phir nahi Ani is a mad cap Pakistani Comedy movie. Don’t expect any logics and lock your brains at home. Go and watch it in the theater for pure entertainment and for brilliant writing from Wasay Choudhry!

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